Light Roast Coffee

Step into the invigorating world of our Organic Light Roast Coffee Collection, where the essence of Ethiopia, the acclaimed birthplace of coffee, meets the unique attributes of light roasting.

Light roasts are celebrated for preserving the original characteristics of the coffee bean, offering brighter, more nuanced flavors and a pronounced acidity.

Within this collection, you'll find Marla from the Sidama region, a single-origin exemplar that radiates a dessert-like profile. It dances with notes of strawberry, blueberry, and dark chocolate, capturing the bean's inherent qualities.

Then, there's Stella from Konga Yrigacheffe, a collaborative effort of 615 producers. This coffee is a testament to organic farming and quality, delivering vivacious notes of raspberry, peach, and lemon. Revel in the vibrant and complex profiles of our light roast treasures, where the bean's true essence shines through.