Paper Street Exclusive Loose Leaf Tea

Embark on a sensory journey with Paper Streets meticulously curated Exclusive Loose Leaf Tea Collection. Each blend in our is more than just a beverage; it's a unique experience.

KAI: A Spicy Symphony
KAI stands out as a vibrant indulgence for those who seek a blend of excitement and comfort in their cup. This tea combines the lively warmth of ginger with the soothing sweetness of licorice, underpinned by the zest of turmeric and the freshness of lemongrass. Every sip of KAI is an invigorating adventure, perfect for starting your day or re-energizing your afternoons.

Pink Robots: A Floral Fantasy
Pink Robots is a poetic infusion that balances the bold tartness of hibiscus with the gentle sweetness of blueberry. Enhanced by the full-bodied richness of rooibos and subtle notes of currant, this blend is both refreshing and comforting. It’s a versatile tea that can be enjoyed hot for a soothing escape or served cold for a revitalizing treat.

Bluebird: The Color-Changing Marvel
Bluebird is a botanical wonder, a blend that captivates not only with its taste but also with its visual allure. The natural blue hue of butterfly pea flowers creates a mesmerizing spectacle in your cup. Add a twist of lemon, and watch the color transform into a beautiful purple. Its mild flavor makes it perfect for those moments when you seek tranquility.

Our Exclusive Loose Leaf Tea Collection is a testament to Paper Streets dedication to offering unique, high-quality experiences. Each tea has been selected for its distinctive character. Whether you're a seasoned tea drinker or exploring the world of teas for the first time, our collection invites you to discover the exquisite flavors and stories that each blend has to offer.

Embrace the luxury of choice and quality with Paper Streets Exclusive Loose Leaf Tea Collection – where every leaf tells a story.