About Us


Welcome to Paper St Coffee, where quality, flavorful coffee is reinventing the way we wake up.

With a mission to break away from the redundant, dull routine of commercial coffee, we’re sourcing one-of-a-kind beans from all over the world to bring a quality cup of joe to the coffee drinkers who care about what’s in their cup.

We’re invested in the life of our coffee from bean to brew and we’ve got what you need. 

There is no need for a wall of fluff text, we’ve ground our foundational features down to 8 rules:

1. Don’t stop talking about how great Paper St Coffee is.

2. NEVER settle for burnt-out, watered-down java. 

3. Follow the coffee back to its source, meet everyone

4. Pull a unique, vibrant taste out of every bean with SMALL BATCH BREWING

5. Always buy single-origin 

6. Think before you drink 

7. Sustainability and fair-practice farmers make for guilt-free beans 

8. Listen to the True Voice of your coffee and know that you’ve started your day on the right sip