Dark Roast Coffee

Venture into the deep, resonant world of our Organic Dark Roast Coffee Collection, a tribute to mastery, heritage, and perseverance. Dark roasts stand out for their robust flavors, diminished acidity, and full-bodied richness, unfolding a tapestry of stories that intertwine with each brew's origin.

Our journey begins beside one of Africa's vast freshwater lakes. From these fertile soils arise beans that tell tales of dedication and ambition. Cultivated by growers who not only prioritize safe agricultural practices but also yearn to overcome a legacy of poverty and social disparities, this coffee emanates notes of peach, zesty lime, and the subtle allure of black tea.

Complementing this is the distinctive 'Tyler.' A bean that revels in the honey-processing method, drawing out its flavors as it dries in the cold, robust winds of the Inga region of Colombia. More than just a brew, Tyler is an embodiment of cultural preservation, grown on lands overseen by a 'cabildo' - elders dedicated to ensuring that ancestral traditions reverberate in every cup. With notes echoing peach, lime, and the groundedness of black tea, Tyler narrates tales of history, pride, and tradition.

Immerse yourself in the deep narratives and flavorful depths of our dark roast selections, where every brew is a voyage into the heart of its origins.