Marla - Single Origin Light Roast Coffee
Marla - Single Origin Light Roast Coffee

Marla - Single Origin Light Roast Coffee

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Ethiopia is known throughout the world as the birthplace of coffee. Marla, this single-origin Ethiopian coffee from the Sidama region, will deliver  a balanced, sweet, and smooth cup that will keep you hooked with its dessert like flavor profile

Roast: Light Roast

Notes: Strawberry - Blueberry - Dark Chocolate

Origin: Sidema Ethiopia

- Find your Grind - 

Coarse - Cold Brew, French press, and other processes that demand a longer extraction time.

Medium - single-cup brewersmost pour-over brewers, Syphon coffee makers, and Aeropress brewers that require 3+ minutes of brewing timeWhat many coffee shops will use for a regular cup of drip coffee.

Fine - common grind size in pre-ground coffee packages. Moka pot and other stovetop espresso makers. Commonly used in coffee shops for espressos.


Customer Reviews

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Elissa Lopez
Every. Morning.

Really like Marla. I look forward to it after I wake up and need my morning coffee!

I go to bed earlier so morning comes faster for this coffee

Might be my favorite blend from Paper St. Smooth and unique, I look forward to it every morning. Freshly ground beans, always hits the spot.

Ana L

Wow; this coffee is AMAZINGLY SMOOTH. My first time enjoying coffee without sugar or creamer.
Definitely going to continue buying it.
Don’t take my word for it; order some yourself.

Eduardo Lopez

Ssweeett!!…just enjoyed the best cup of real coffee! In quite a few years!…Marla #1 for me.

Domonick Sena
My New Love

I love Marla, I have recently been rotating from bag to bag and the dark chocolate notes in this are amazing! I love the flavor and wish I could drink this after 2 pm!