CEO 50/50 Blend Half Caf Organic Coffee
CEO 50/50 Blend Half Caf Organic Coffee
CEO 50/50 Blend Half Caf Organic Coffee

CEO 50/50 Blend Half Caf Organic Coffee

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The most BOSS 50/50 Decaf blend. We blend our organic single-origin bean, sourced from Colombia, with an equally delicious Mountain Water Processed bean from the same region in Colombia. This NEW CEO DECAF blend pairs perfectly with burning the midnight oil and enjoying coffee well into the evening.    

50% Caffeine Coffee

50% Decaf Coffee

110% Delicious

Roast : Medium

Notes: Honey - Floral - Black Cherry

Origin : Columbian Sierra Nevada

- Find your Grind - 

Coarse - Cold Brew, French press, and other processes that demand a longer extraction time.

Medium - single-cup brewersmost pour-over brewers, Syphon coffee makers, and Aeropress brewers that require 3+ minutes of brewing time. What many coffee shops will use for a regular cup of drip coffee.

Fine - common grind size in pre-ground coffee packages. Moka pot and other stovetop espresso makers. Commonly used in coffee shops for espressos.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dean Sebby
CEO 50/50

It’s very good. I haven’t found the right dosage of coffee in the French press -still working on it.

Marco Calderon

Nicely done combination it was just right on the level of caffeine :)

Beautiful Flavor

I’d love to have this every day forever.

Jethro Cardona
The CEO/The Eraser

I don't do ANY other coffee but The CEO or The Eraser. Sorry, not sorry. Anyone NOT drinking PSC is doing themselves a disservice.

Chad Sorentino
The Perfect Blend

The CEO is my go to for everyday drinking!!! Taste and smell are top caliber and the name is deserving of the flavor! No Plan B!