Your New Honey! Discover Tyler: Colombian Honey-Processed Coffee




Tyler is Paper Street Coffees Dark Roast Honey-Processed Coffee from Inga, Colombia and is definitely for you if you are ready to try coffee that is truly special! Honey-processed coffee is dried in its own sticky coating called mucilage using the cold winds of the region. The honey-processing and the cold winds of Inga make Tyler taste amazing. Drinking Tyler is like taking a sip of history. The Inga people have grown coffee for many years, following old traditions. When you drink this coffee, you’re enjoying a piece of their story. The mix of red apple, raspberry, and sugar cane is a flavor profile you won't find in other coffees.

The Region: Inga, Colombia


Inga is located in the southern part of Colombia, in a place called the Nariño area. It’s very high up in the mountains, and the air is cool and fresh. This makes it perfect for growing coffee. The people of Inga, who have lived there for a long time, grow coffee in a special way, following old traditions. The wise elders or"cabildo" make sure everyone follows the old ways of growing and making coffee. This means that every cup of coffee from Inga is full of history and care. The Inga people put their heart into their coffee, making it very special.

Sustainable Practices: The Inga people care about their land and grow coffee in a way that’s good for the environment. When you choose this coffee, you’re helping support their way of life and the planet.

Family-Owned Co-op: The coffee you enjoy comes from an amazing, family-owned co-op. This group of dedicated growers works together to produce the high-quality beans we source. Their cooperation ensures that each batch of coffee is made with love and care, reflecting the best of their collective expertise and passion.

The Inga region, like much of Colombia, has been facing significant challenges recently. Despite these challenges, the resilience and dedication of the Inga people to their coffee-growing traditions shine through. Their commitment ensures that you can enjoy a cup of Tyler that is not only delicious but also a testament to their enduring spirit and cultural heritage. When you enjoy Tyler, you support the family owned Co-Op and help them continue their traditions.


Honey-Processing -A Pretty Sweet Process

 Honey-processing is a way to dry coffee beans while they are still covered in a sticky layer called mucilage. No, the process does not actually use honey, but the process gets its name from the honey-like glistening appearance of the mucilage that's naturally on the beans. This process started in Costa Rica as a way to save water and make the coffee taste sweeter and more complex and we are so happy it exists! The cold winds in Inga help dry the coffee beans just right, keeping a lot of the beans' natural flavors, which in turn makes the coffee taste sweet and rich. Typically, honey-processed coffee takes about 15 to 25 days to dry. Gabe describes in his behind the scenes that ours takes 20-40 days. 


Flavor Profile: Red Apple, Raspberry, and Sugar Cane

When you take a sip of this dark roast coffee, you’ll taste a delightful mix of red apple, raspberry, and sugar cane. These flavors create a bright and fruity introduction, with a natural sweetness that lingers on the palate. These notes are special and hard to find in other coffees, making Tyler truly unique.

Whether you’re a coffee expert or just love a good cup, this coffee makes everyday special. It’s a journey into Colombia’s rich coffee culture, full of history and tradition.


At our Cresskill coffee shop, Tyler serves as the base for all our coffee drinks, providing a rich and flavorful foundation for everything we brew, from espresso to latte. Try a cup of Tyler and let the amazing flavors take you to the mountains of Colombia, where tradition and nature make  truly magical coffee.

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