Stella : Organic Light Roast From the Birthplace of Coffee

Light Roast: Not to be taken lightly - Contrary to common conversation, light roast coffee actually contains more caffeine compared to dark roast. HOW?! well, the beans are roasted less time at lower temperatures, which preserves the caffeine content. So, if you want the most kapow in you coffee, light roast sounds like the beans of your dreams.

Light roast coffee also nurtures the most of the unique flavors and aromas of its origin, offering a more refined taste experience compared to darker roasts​ - fancy huh.

Stella is a Paper Street Coffee single origin light roast coffee from Ethiopia Konga Yirgacheffe. Ethiopia Konga Yirgacheffe coffee is one of the most revered coffees from Ethiopia, known for its unique characteristics and exceptional quality.   The Konga zone, a specific area within Yirgacheffe, is known for its high-altitude farms and the exceptional quality of the coffee beans produced there.


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The Heart of Stella

Stella hails from the high-altitude regions of Ethiopia, a country revered as the birthplace of coffee. This origin is not just a point on the map; it's a promise of unparalleled quality and complexity. Ethiopian coffees, particularly those from the Yirgacheffe region, are celebrated for their floral, fruity profiles—a direct result of the heirloom varietals and the unique terroir of the area. Stella, with its notes of raspberry, peach, and lemon, is a testament to this method, offering a cup that's vibrant and layered.


Pour-over perfection highlights light roast coffee's acidity and intrinsic flavors, making it a perfect match for light roasts​ like Stella.
To fully appreciate Stella's nuanced profile at, we recommend trying the pour-over method. This technique allows for optimal extraction, ensuring that the water contacts all the grounds evenly and brings out the best of Stella's bright and fruity notes. Use filtered water at around 200°F and aim for a brewing time of 2-3 minutes to achieve a perfect balance.
If you visit us at our Cresskill location, we have a dialed in espresso that does Stella justice.


Culinary Pairings: 

Stella's unique flavor profile makes it an excellent companion to breakfast pastries, fruit desserts, and even savory dishes that benefit from a hint of acidity. Its versatility extends beyond the cup, serving as a creative ingredient in recipes that call for a bright, aromatic touch.


Straight to the Point

In the spirit of Paper Street Coffee's straightforward ethos, we invite you to experience  Stella not just as a beverage but as a journey. A journey that respects the legacy of its Ethiopian roots, celebrates the precision of light roasting, and embraces the simple pleasure of a perfectly brewed cup.
Stella is more than coffee; it's a statement—a bold declaration of quality, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. So, whether you're a coffee aficionado or a curious newcomer, Stella offers a refreshing perspective on what coffee can be, straight from the heart of Ethiopia to your cup. 


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