Can you believe we put Olive oil in Coffee : Yes! It’s delicious and healthy


Unless you drink your coffee 100% black and solo - you have probably had coffee with oil in it. We want you to do it because you want to...not because they told you to - but OLIVE OIL IN COFFEE IS AWESOME!!

Still have questions? like why? What does it taste like? Are there benefits? How do I do this? Don't worry, we got your back.

Why Olive oil in coffee : 

 It’s delicious , it’s good for you and it adds a silky smooth experience.

Benefits of adding olive oil to your coffee:

- slows down absorption of caffeine

- decreases acidity

- healthy fats 

What does it taste like :  

I know we mentioned it but … if silky had a flavor, this would be it. There is also a slightly nutty , well …..nuttiness - it’s lovely ! Just trust us , once you try it you won’t ever want your coffee without it welcome to the olive oil in coffee adventure.

 Recipe 1 : If you like it hot

1tsp olive oil - drop into your milk

Steam milk

Pour into coffee


 Recipe 2 : If you’re a cold foam cutie

1tsp olive oil - drop into your milk

Froth Milk with hand blender

Pour into coffee


Recipe 3 : If you like ice, ice baby

1tsp olive oil - drop into your ice , coffee and milk or just ice and coffee ( in a shaker of some kind)

Shake it - shake what your momma gave you

Pour into favorite cup


Paper st. Coffee x @thedavecastro olive oil collaboration

The Dave Castro USDA Certified Organic, hand-crafted, medium-intensity olive oil is a pasture blend of 5 iconic Tuscan varietals, displaying typical Frantoio characteristics of cut grass and fruit as well as the malty notes of the Leccino. It is milled within one day of harvest to ensure maximum freshness, then cold pressed using one of the last stone mills in California.


   We like different here at Paper st. Coffee.

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