Arielle Loewen : Becoming the Fittest Mom on Earth

From love at first Crossfit in 2012 to stepping away from competitive CrossFit in 2018 following her pregnancy, to a stirring return in 2021 -  Arielle's journey to the top is a testament to her dedication and hard work. Balancing the demands of motherhood with the rigors of training, Arielle has not only returned to competition but has done so with a vengeance, winning the 2021 Granite Games and earning the title "Fittest Mom on Earth at the Crossfit Games in 2023." 

Arielle’s athletic journey began in high school with cheerleading and track, which laid the foundation for her competitive spirit and physical fitness. Her entry into the world of CrossFit in 2012 was marked by passion but hindered by financial constraints. "unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the membership because I was a broke college student, so the owner of the gym let me clean the gym and exchange for a gym membership!" shares Arielle

This humble start is a testament to her determination and dedication to the sport she grew to love deeply.

From Local Competitions to the Limelight

A CrossFit career, characterized by local competitions and learning the ropes, quickly escalated to more advanced challenges. By 2014, Arielle was competing in regionals, driven by a fierce desire to excel. Despite the highs and lows of each competition, her resolve only strengthened, pushing her to tweak and improve her training regimen annually. " Every year, I tried to change some things about my training to qualify for the next stage! Every year I trained hard and tried to work my butt off, but every year fell short. One year I worked out longer, the next year I ran more, the next year I focused on nutrition, but all of these changes did not change that I did not qualify for the games."

A Pause in the Journey

"In 2018, everything was different and I told Dillon do not let me do this ever again because I was not having fun competing. By the end of the weekend my body just felt off and weird. Come to find out I was almost 3 months pregnant." After a particularly challenging regional competition and discovering she was pregnant, she made the tough decision to retire from competitive CrossFit. This period of her life was pivotal as it not only marked the end of her competing under her maiden name, Armstrong, but it also set the stage for her greatest comeback.

A Triumphant Return

The birth of baby Loewen in 2019 marked a new chapter for Arielle, not just personally but in her athletic life.

"From 2019 until 2021, I made it a goal to try and lose my baby weight. I had never been what I felt was out of shape or needed to lose weight so I had to learn. I focused on eating right, Whole Foods & working out at least 4 times a week. "


"My first year at semifinals I was super intimidated to check in. While standing in line to check in, Dillon 👷🏼 had a bunch of jellybeans in his pocket and spilled them everywhere. And then proceeded to pick them all up and still eat them in front of all these fit athletes."

With a goal to have fun in Crossfit and still prioritize family as number one, Arielle went from training at an affiliate to training in her garage October 2022. "Since that day, I feel as though I had worked harder in my life, and had more fun with CrossFit in the process. I made my circle, smaller, and focused on just doing me and being the best athlete I could be." This led to the best CrossFit season of her life! "Being able to make it to the games, three years in a row has been such a dream!"

Her comeback to the sport in 2021 was nothing short of cinematic. Qualifying for the Granite Games and then making a remarkable appearance at the CrossFit Games, she not only returned to form but did so with unprecedented success, culminating in a third-place finish at the CrossFit Games in 2023.


Coffee Talk

"My day starts a beautiful way. Every morning I wake up and make breakfast for my family and Dillon" Arielle's husband, Dillon, prepares an Americano for her each morning. A moment of peace before the practice, a delicious foundation for being awesome the rest of the day. 

 We asked Arielle what coffee drink she would be  - 

"I would probably be a hazelnut latte. A little sour, a little sweet and a little nutty 🤪"

 We also asked what Arielles go-to coffee order is, what would she order if she came to the Paper Street Cresskill shop? 

"I would order an Americano! Or just a plain black coffee. I personally enjoy the taste of coffee, and you can only really appreciate a good cup of coffee if you taste it, pure and black in my opinion!"

Inspiration Brewed from Dedication

Arielle Loewen’s story is not just about athletic achievement; it’s about overcoming life’s obstacles with grace and grit. It's about finding balance between personal life and the demands of being a top athlete. Her journey from a CrossFit newbie to one of the fittest women on earth is a powerful reminder of how persistence, paired with passion, can pave the way to incredible achievements.

 Arielle's  story parallels the ethos we embody at Paper Street Coffee,—relentless pursuit of excellence, unyielding passion, and the courage to push boundaries. 



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